Carolina’s artistic life started before she even started painting. She has always shown great interest in various artistic disciplines, such as ballet and art. Always as part of the audience, visiting museums and following the careers of well-known ballet dancers.

Having been raised in traditional family, Carolina decided to study Economics. When she graduated, she worked for various years at a financial institution and helped at the family business. Finally, after years of doubts, she decided to unleash her passion for arts. She then started to attend different art workshops during the following 12 years.

Carolina chose acrylic as a mean to express her art, mainly due to its rapid drying time and the lack of diluents needed.

At first, her art reflected her passion for ballet as she continuously painted ballerinas and tutus. During this phase, she was able to learn more about herself, understand her feelings and accept herself. Art became a healing process, where she could just be her true self. She was not willing to transmit any specific meaning to the viewer. Instead, she was only willing to capture her inner feelings and moods.

As a way of finding new ideas, Carolina was introduced to collage. Watercolours, inks and nibs became her new media and allowed the artist to discover new hidden facets. Painting, cutting and pasting. Tearing here and there. Discarding and reorganizing. Putting every bit together in a premeditated act that evolves randomly. Saturated colours quiet her soul and nibs give her peace and exercise her patience.

Since 2005, the artist has participated in various art exhibits organized by the workshop she attended. In 2012, she made her first solo exhibition at La Scala de San Telmo in Buenos Aires. She is currently exhibiting her art at espacio Chula in Buenos Aires.